Alarm System

Our alarms ensure you can be confident in your safety no matter where you are. They can be monitored via a central system or through the smartphone app. Intruders will be deterred before they even step foot onto your property, when they see alarms installed.

Every alarm setup is tailored to your specific needs. We conduct a full investigation of your property, whilst taking into account your personal requirements to ensure we are offering the best system for your needs.

Whether you still require certain corridor access to allow for your children to safely navigate through to your room at night, or you need your pets at home to still be able to move around, we can advise what is best with sensor placement whilst still giving you the very best safety coverage.

Paradox Brand

We only use the highest quality Paradox brand alarms. Paradox have been manufacturing alarms since the 1980’s, and are a trusted global name in producers of security equipment. Check out their website for more information and reviews.